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Project Bonsai - Time & Project Management

Project Bonsai is a fresh take on project management, letting users collaborate in creative ways with their teammates. Track and complete tasks, communicate with a team, upload and share files, and track time by person and project.

If users add a Client Collaboration pack, Project Bonsai also allows them to work in intuitive ways with clients, choosing only the things that make sense for them to see within a project.

Project Bonsai delivers the perfect balance between simple and robust. New features that we roll out strive to make users more productive without cluttering their world.

Stay tuned for Project Bonsai's public website.


Collide Technologies is looking for serious investors in the development of our project management app/software — our flagship technology — as well as other apps. Interested parties can contact Richard at richard@collidetechnologies.com or use the contact form below.

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Collide is currently made up of a small synergistic team. Our goal is to build this team with talented, team-oriented individuals who love imagining and creating awesomeness.

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